Purpose of the simulation

What does this activity consist of and what does the participant attempt to do?

At the beginning of the simulation, the participant has a fictitious amount of CAD 200,000. The participant may at any time place orders to buy or sell securities at either the market price or a limit price, valid for one day, throughout the duration of the simulation. The market price of the securities traded in Bourstad is, in fact, the price of these same securities on the Toronto Stock Exchange and on the other reference markets. The official list of securities is available on the Bourstad website (www.bourstad.ca) with the documentation available to participants in the Information on securities section.

During the simulation, the participants have the opportunity to perform, in addition to the securities transactions, various portfolio management operations such as the investor description, the definition of the portfolio strategy, the justification of the transactions carried out and the statement of their learning objectives and associated accomplishments.

The technical system of the simulation constantly re-evaluates the participant's portfolio and various valuation measures of his or her portfolio management. The participants aim to achieve the investment objectives of their investor and improve their knowledge and skills in portfolio management.