Formal acceptance of a prize and information required from winners

Once the list of prizes has been approved by the Bourstad Challenge jury, the winners of the prizes and awards must formally accept their prize by using the form they can access by logging into their Bourstad Challenge account.
Note: This form will be available approximately 15 days after the end of the simulation and will remain available until June 30.

When completing the Award Acceptance Form, Grand Prize and Mentions of Excellence winners are required to confirm their home address

Winners of grand prizes are required to provide their Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.) and date of birth; this requirement is justified by the fact that CIRANO awards these prizes as scholarships, from a tax point of view.
Note: This information is used exclusively by CIRANO's administrative services to proceed with the payment of scholarships. These data are not stored in the Bourstad platform information system.

Proof of attendance at a university during the current academic year may be required of a winner of a university-only award.